DA Global Energy Products and Systems fall into two categories...
  • Energy Efficiency - reducing energy usage
  • Renewable Energy Production - to become energy independent once the overall energy usage has been minimized.

Energy Efficiency Products & Systems

Custom LED lighting retrofits are guaranteed to reduce your lighting cost by no less than 60%. A Full 5-year warranty and highly skilled engineering teams assure clients risk free investment in their energy projects.

We have Designed Multiple Full-Custom LED Retrofit kits that are now being used in Recessed Down Light fixtures at multiple International Airports whose reaping the benefit of reduced electricity & maintenance cost by as much as 80%  

Energy Efficient Products

LED Lighting - Replacement bulbs & tubes
LED Lighting - New & replacement fixtures

Energy Efficiency Systems

Power Factor Correction
HVAC Heat Exchange Optimization
Inductive Load Optimzation

Renewable Energy Systems
Combined Heat & Power
Commercial & Industrial
Solar Photovoltaic
Hybrid PV/Thermal
Small Wind Energy Systems
Commercial & Industrial
Web Hosting Companies